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Meet Them

Photo Ivan Aditya.jpeg

Ivan Aditya

  • Ivan Aditya Linkedin

6-year experience in Digital Marketing, Ivan has helped many startups in growing their business. He also loves to share about digital marketing at regional events such as Google Startup Weekend and Tech in Asia. Specialize in social media advertising, Google advertising, SEO, and Email Marketing.

M Ilman Akbar.jpeg

M.Ilman Akbar

  • Muhammad Ilman Akbar Linkedin

A digital marketing professional and blogger. Positive & highly-spirited person. He is a lifetime learner, who loves to acquire new knowledge and getting inspiration from everybody, expand my network, and know more new people. Specialty: digital marketing strategy, website development & optimization, digital advertising, blogging, and public speaking.

Sultan Isnainsyah.jpeg

Sultan (Kata) Isnainsyah

  • Sultan (Kata) Isnainsyah Linkedin

Certified Social Media Marketer, Digital Marketing Consultant with 6+ years of experience working in various industries, small, medium, and large scales, including e-commerce. 
Specialities: Brand Communication Strategy, Social & Digital Business Practitioner, Content Architect

Rendi Liu.jpeg

Rendi Liu

  • Rendi Liu Linkedin

Passionate digital marketer and growth hacking practitioner. He starts his career in digital marketing at BOBOBOBO. Currently, he is working as Digital Marketing Manager at and responsible for digital marketing channels such as Google Ads & Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Email Marketing.

Hilman Desfakhrian Putra.jpeg

Hilman Desfakhrian Putra

  • Hilman Desfakhrian Putra Linkedin

Brand and Content Marketer with experience handling mostly in growing startups in Indonesia market.Thinker, analyst, strategist, creative pragmatist. Previously working at GO-JEK, now he is Head Content Marketing at Moka (POS)


Albert Halim

  • Instagram Albert Halim

Outside of his acting career, Albert is also known as Instagram influencers. Channeling his passion in Social Media, he founded Konekcom, a digital creative agency in 2017. Currently, Konekcom serves a range of digital creative services such as Social Media Management, Creative Branding, KOL Management, dan Event Management.

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