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Digital marketing has developed rapidly.
Are you keeping up?

Take your skills of digital marketing to the next level with Mana Class


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What others are saying about us

"Pelajaran sangat mudah diterima oleh pemula seperti saya dan pembicara berusaha ikut mengerti apa yang sudah dikerjakan oleh kantor saya”
Dista, Digital Marketing
Corporate Training

Interested in private group training?

Have more than 10 people interested to learn specific skills in digital marketing?  Click the button below and find out how.

Mana Class at Jakarta Creative Hub
Facebook Business Manager
Our assistant helping the student
Mana Class at Gowork
Lunch & Networking
Workshop Class at Gowork Thamrin
With Student at Jakarta Creative Hub
Workshop Session
Hands-on Workshop
Sharing Session with @captainruby
Workshop Session
Workshop Session Social Media

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