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New to digital marketing? Would like to know more about Digital marketing, what channels are used to promote the product and know how digital marketing can help you grow your business. Find it out in this session.


How Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Brand Awareness (Basic Class)

Ivan Aditya – Co-Founder of MANA Class

(Former Digital Marketing VP of, Bobobobo, and Qraved)

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10.30 AM - 2 PM (WIB)

GOWORK Plaza Indonesia Thamrin

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Find out tips and trick to run effective and efficient content marketing. Not just beautifully crafted visual content, or that provocative-offensive-eyecatching type of ad copy, but also to make it relevant to the audience. 


How to Create an Effective & Efficient Content Marketing

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09 AM - 12 PM (WIB)


GOWORK Chubb Square, Thamrin 8th Floor

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Most of us heard about it, know a thing or two, but the business of influencer marketing goes far and deep into what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said, “What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.“

Find out about Influencer Marketing 2.0


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11 AM - 12.30 PM (WIB)


GOWORK Coworking & Office Space, Plaza Indonesia

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